In the ancient times, the area of Anávyssos was part of a large and wealthy county by the name of Anáphlystos which, according to mythology, was founded by the hero of Troizína (NEPeloponnese, oppositePorosIsland) Anáphlystos.Itisalsothoughtthatthename“ Anáphlystos” derives from the ancient greek verb “anaphlýo” which means bubble, seethe, just like the boiling water. Thenameofthearea, «Anávyssos» isthoughttooriginatefromparaphrasingtheancientname(Anáphlystos–…


Evia Isl.

Evia Isl. (Evvoia) Évvoia is the second largest island of Hellas, after Crete, and third in the eastern Mediterranean sea. Its name derives from the many cattle flourishing on the island thanks to its rich pastures (Évvoia = ef + voía = good for oxen). Initially it was inhabited by Éllopes in its north part,…

poros island


The island of Póros is actually two islands, which in antiquity were named Sfairía and Kalavría. Sfairía was the small island opposite Galatás, on which today the city of Póros is amphitheatrically spread. It is connected with the much larger island of Kalavría, which is basically the island of Póros minus its town, via a…

klima bay


Aigina The island of Aígina lies in the middle of Saronic gulf and is second in volume to Salamína island. Its inhabitants and their agriculture occupy mostly the northern and the western part of the island, whereas south and southeast Aígina is far more virgin and unspoiled. Its name comes from nymph “Aígina”, daughter of…