Amorgós has accommodated in the past several different civilisations, which is why the island was known with different names like Pagáli, Psychiá, Melánia and Karkisía. According to some, today’s name Amorgós derives from antiquity, when the island was known for its produce of women’s tunics. These tunics were made with a special method which produced…



In antiquity, Irakleiá was named Arákleia and in medieval times Irakleítsa. The history of the island begins from the 4th millennium BC, with its first inhabitants being the Cycladítes. Irakleiá remained on their possession up until 1000 BC. During the first Byzantine years, in the 4th century AD, a castle was built behind Livádi beach,…

Myrsíni, Schinousa


The name, Schinoúsa, comes from the word schíno, which is a plant that used to grow extensively on the island. Schinoúsa was initially inhabited during the 4th millennium BC by Cycladítes, and was part of the group called “little Cyclades” together with Koufonísia, Kéro and Irakleiá, Kéros being the capital. In the years of AD,…