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The New Greece Sea Guide

The EagleRay pilot book is changing. Why? Because the technology, the tools and our own experience are changing. The only constant thing in life is change!

The size: The GSG has shrunk to a 35 x 25cm size, easier to use, more stable and better to handle (we will see). Also, resizing was one of the main factors in finally being able to bring the price down (obviously because of the lower printing costs), especially at a time when everyone is raising them!

The (double-page) charts are abolished: In the new editions we will have charts for each island – and not for the sea between them – keeping of course all the EagleRay nautical information collected over the years

These changes begin from the new Seaguide vol 4, East Aegean and Crete, and are accompanied by a lower retail price: 80€.

If you wish to see the above for yourselves, contact me on and I will be happy to send you samples of our work.

I wish you all fair winds, that take you where you want to go.

Panos Ilias