Destinations with history

The section of “Destinations” started initially from some greek friends and captains who shared with us the story of their land or their family. Our Greece has as much history as it has coastline. Every stone you pick, it has a story to tell you.

So, we decided here in Eagleray, to collect the unknown history of Greece, the one that was not written in a book but was told in the old fashion way, with the presence of good company, cold ouzaki and warm sun.

Naturally, in order to tell the unknown history you have to tell the known first. And this is already a tremendous task, in its own. Thus, do not dishearten if in the beginning the pages of Destinations are empty. We will fill them slowly, journey by journey, place by place.

And we will enrich them for a lifetime.

The history of Greece, as told by Eagleray, is the history of Greece “by sea”, just like we see a spot on the horizon through our compass. What does that mean? We will collect the history that interests and is relevant to the seaman. It might be a sea battle or a wreck. It might be a cave or a worship place close to a harbour. It might be the achievement of a fisherman.

It will not be the achievement of a shepherd. It will not be an endless list of dates and names. It will definitely not be a complete recording of the events in an area. We are not historians and besides there are many who have done this job already quite well.

A lot of people, in and out of Greece, say how beautiful is this country. Through my continuous travels, I am now wondering whether they know how beautiful it really is. The collection we will present here hopes to answer better, and more accurately, how beautiful is our country.

If you have a story to tell, share it.

Contact us and we will be glad to read it