East Peloponese


From N. Ydra up to Monemvasia Gulf
Includes: East coast of Peloponnese
Islands of Poros, Ydra, Spetses and Parapola

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Extract from: HNC 414

Larger scale charts included in the back side

Scale: 1:118.000

Harbour and marina of Méthana

ISBN: 960-90131-5-5

Approaches and harbour of Póros

Edition: 2018

Ýdra harbour

No of edition: 3

O. Báltiza and Dápia harbour (Spétses)

Language: Greek and English

Portochéli harbour

Dimensions (open): 100 x 70cm

Náfplio harbour


Parálio Ástros fishing harbour


Gulf, marina and harbour of Monemvasiá

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Weight150 g
Dimensions24 × 34 cm

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